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Thank you for helping visualize and interpret the data from the 2016 Design Census! Please review this introduction and submission checklist before proceeding to contribute.

The Design Census is a project launched by AIGA in partnership with Google to help define the state of the design industry both nationally and globally. In December of 2016 we asked the design community to fill out an online survey that captured multiple aspects of a designers life- from their day to day routines, their work environment, general demographic information and lifestyle and salary data.

Please provide the following information in the submission form:

  • Title of the visualization
  • Name of organization, or individual designer or both
  • A brief description of your visualization
  • Boiler plate description of your organization for press release
  • Your contact person/information for this project
  • Thumbnail preview image (400x400)
  • Detail hero image (width 1200px x variable height)

After your submission is uploaded, it will be reviewed to ensure it adheres to the submission requirements and, upon approval, uploaded to the online gallery.

Rights and reproduction
By submitting a visualization, you certify that you created or have ownership of the work— including the right to distribute stock images and fonts used in your design. You retain the copyright and agree to distribute under a Creative Commons “Attribution-NoDerivs” license. You grant to AIGA the right to use accepted work for use in publications; in exhibitions; on its website; and for educational and AIGA-related noncommercial promotional purposes.

Submit your Design Census entry